Jude Crilly

Some saints move to more financial cities, 2018

RijksOpen 2018, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam NL

Hand-woven aluminium chain, CNC-milled and lacquered tulipwood, lasercut aluminium, powder-coated steel, cast rubber, paper, 3D printed and polished nylon, cast clear glass, perspex, Exciter sound drivers, amp.

Through the use of modularity and repetition, Jude Crilly presents Some saints move to more financial cities (2018), a rhythmic installation with its own precise but fractal logic. Using materials like hand-woven aluminium chains, lasercut aluminium sheeting, and cast rubber, a reductive visual language begins to emerge.


However, the more the viewer looks, the more the eye recognises variation within the folds of this coded system: using jumpy strategies like scale, zoom and inversion, this simple language gradually becomes deregulated and unpredictable.


The installation presents the first phase of a new body of sculptural and text works exploring the limitations of language. In the work the artist makes an appeal to the energetic poetics of the non-verbal. The work further explores questions surrounding currency, the economics of handcraft and re-materalising the digital.

Clear perspex letters on perspex panels, 85 x 55cm

Miniature watercolours, 4cm x 4cm

Photo credits: Willem de Rooij, 2018